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May 29 - June 6, 2011

We invite you to participate in our 14th international open draughts tournament in Salou, that will be played from Sunday, May the 29th until Monday, June the 6th , 2011.

The tournament will be played in the Swiss system with 9 rounds. The complete program is shown below.
As all former years the tournament turns out to be a great event. After the enormous success of last years, we are sure the participants will succeed in having a good time, because of the combination of a good holiday near to the beach (50 m), a fine hotel-accommodation and most of the time a spectacular draughts tournament in which excellent draughts players as well as the weaker ones participate.
The accommodation for the tournament is the same as the last years, namely Hotel Cala Font in Salou.

The participation fee for the tournament is 55,--. The money prices (in number and height) will depend on the number of participants. The first price will be at least 750,--. Other prices will be paid for highest classifications, the best woman, best senior (over 55 years), best combination or best game and a "surprise - price" for one of the weaker players.

Hotel-accommodation is available for the price of 365,-- (including the tournament) and is based on a two-person room.
For persons, who don't participate in the draughts tournament, the price is 330,--.
A reduction of 5% will be given to the people, who already participated in one of the former tournaments in Salou.
The hotel accommodation is Hotel Cala Font and breakfast, lunch and dinner are included.

There will be transfers from the airport of Barcelona to Salou and the airport of Reus to Salou on Saturday May 28th and from Salou to Barcelona and Reus on June 7th . The price for both transfers (together) is for the airport of Barcelona 40,-- per person and for the airport of Reus 20,--.

Contact person: Peter Pippel
Email: pippelp@xs4all.nl 
or peter@salou-open.nl 

Address: Grutto 7, 2831 XK GOUDERAK
Tel.: 0031182374546 (in the evening and the weekends)
 0031302860765 (Monday till Friday from 10.00 till 17.00)

Program 14th International Open Draughts Tournament of Salou. May 29 - June 6 2011

Place: Hotel Cala Font

Les Dunes 2, Salou Tel.: 0034977370454 Fax: 0034977371804
Sunday May 29 14.00 opening ceremonies
Sunday May 29 15.30 1st round
Monday May 30 15.30 2nd round
Tuesday May 31 09.00 3rd round
Tuesday May 31 15.30 4th round
Wednesday June 1 15.30 5th round
Thursday June 2 15.30 6th round
Saturday June 4 15.30 7th round
Sunday June 5 15.30 8th round
Monday June 6 15.30 9th round
Monday June 6 22.00 Closing-ceremonies

There will be played with FMJD-rules (1 hour and 20 minutes per person plus 1 minute for each move).
Friday June 3 is a day off.
There will be a blitz-tournament on Friday June 3.