Hotel Cala Font Salou

23rd International Open Draughts Tournament Salou

May 24 - June 1 2020

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(Provisional) Dates of Salou-2021:
No Salou Open in May 2021

Dear friends of Salou Open,

After a long time we come back with an update about your favorite draughts tournament.

Unfortunately, we are still living in uncertain times regarding COVID-19. The cancellation of the 2020 edition of the tournament already hurt our hearts enormously and despite the fact that we were busy with the preparations for May 2021, the prospects of whether the tournament can take place are by no means certain.

The start of vaccination in the world offers good hope that things will go in the right direction and that everything will be alright, but with the current measures it is not realistic that an international event such as Salou Open can take place as early as May 2021.

Naturally, we are in regular contact with the local parties and have made agreements with the hotel with regard to adjustment of the playing room and seriously looked at the alternative dates (19-29 September).

But we cannot fix these data yet and would like to take time (until the end of March 2021) for a final decision.

We understand that this may be annoying, but it is impossible for us as an organization to give a definite answer to everything that is currently still going on in the world.

With all the uncertainties, we therefore recommend that you do not book your flight yet.

Have you already done so and you can and want to go to Salou - together with our Spanish agent we will do our best to arrange your holiday as well and profitable as possible.

If you have any questions, you can contact the organization through the channels you are familiar with.

And Happy New Year!

We wish to meet you as soon as possible in full health in sunny Salou!

Take care!

With best regards,

Organization Salou Open

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